Some usefully information before you travel to Tanzania

Visa: You buy visa at the airport upon arrival. Paid CASH! $ 50.00. For US passport holders the fee is $ 100.00 Passportholders from some countries need to have Visa arranged up front. Please check this link: TANZANIA VISA
Passport must be valid for 6 month upon arrival. Example, arriving of May your passport cannot expire before of November.

Vaccines: Contact your local immunization office. Yellow fever you should take before entering Tanzania. The law in Tanzania say it is only if you are coming from a defected country, the practice is something else, so it is advisable to have to prevent having an injection at the airport. If you, for medical reason, cannot take the Yellow fever just then bring a statement from your doctor about that.
Get a prescription for Malarone Malaria tablets.
Drink vaccine against stomach can also be good to have. If possible, bring IdoForm tablets (stabilize the stomach) that you take every day. Imodium for acute diarrhoea should be brought as well.   Be aware that malaria tablets can make you sick. Please contact us if you are already in Tanzania and are starting to get sick so we can advice how to handle that and what to do next.

Mosquito/Malaria: Buy mosquito protection spray, available in all pharmacies. In relation to protection against mosquitoes, it is wise to lubricate uncovered parts of your body, like arms, legs and feet when you go out for the evening. Always have protection available in your handbag, even in daytime.  The mosquitoes come out at sunset but can also be there during morning and daytime.
Even with Malarone tablets you are not 100% protected so it is very important to protect with repellent and clothing.

Currency: The main currency in Tanzania is Tanzanian Shillings.
Dollars is not for use in shops but can be used for payment in some restaurants, excursions, ferries, flights etc. and you can change for a good rate. We always advice our guests to bring dollars.

Visa & credit cards: In the main cities you have many ATMīs but you can only get local currency.  In Zanzibar it is only in Stone Town, so before travelling around the island make sure you have withdrawn enough money for your stay. Many hotels also accept Visa and credit cards. Be aware that there is a 5% -10% surcharge almost on any transaction you make with cards in Tanzania. This is not something the companies, hotels etc. make money out of, this is fee taken by the banks to provide the card payment service.

Climate: The climate is tropical and coastal areas are in general hot and humid. The rainy season lasts from mid March to end of May. The central plateau is dry and arid. Northern part is colder and less humid.
Tanzania can be visited year-round. Between June and October it is nice if you donīt like it too hot. The temperatures stay then around 25 degrees. During the hotter months of November to March the temperature can increase up to around 40 degrees. By the beach it is usually windy so you do not feel the heat that strong. Be aware that hotels can book up early for the Christmas/New Year holidays.
Water temperature is in average around 27 degrees.

In the sun: SPF 50 is the best protection. For those who can tolerate the sun better, you can go down a little bit and of course after being in the sun for a while. Remember, the sun is much stronger than home and that Tanzania is very close to equator.

Culture/religion: Tanzania is a Muslim / Christian country. You can generally go dressed as you`re pleased but remember: It is hot 24 hours a day so bring light / airy clothes. In Zanzibar Town and Stone town it is advisable for woman to wear T-shirts that are covering the shoulders and skirts/trousers that are below the knees. During Ramadan it is even advisable to cover their hair. Check out here when Ramadan is attending here: RAMADAN

Electricity: Electricity is 220-240 V. Plugs have 3 flat pin prongs (UK type). Bring adapter if needed. Some hotels lend out as well. The electricity in general can be very unstable in Tanzania. Power cuts occur but almost any hotel has a stand by automatic generator to prevent any inconvenience for your stay.  On safari the electricity is mainly generator service. In many camps power is provided only in the morning and from sunset until 10-11 pm. Remember to charge all your electronics that time.

Safari: Bring light and free clothing and good shoes for safaris. Caps or hat can also be good in the sun. In the evening it can be "cooler" so bring long pants and a thin sweater. (Depends on the season and area you are travelling) Remember sunscreen here too! You are welcome to bring your mobile on safari but put it on silent. Do not forget your camera. Binoculars can be handy. There is no Internet or telephone connection in the bush unless you have Tanzanian sim card. Not even then you are ensured connection some places.

Luggage: For Tanzania vacation including safari it can be best to pack in a backpack. You travel around; go by bus, ferry or small flights so a big suitcase is usually not very vice. We can be helpful with taking care of your luggage during the vacation and you can pack in a spare backpack for safari etc. Small packages of washing powder can be handy but many of the big hotels have laundry service.

Etcetera: Small flashlight can be useful. Many places become very dark after sunset  so itīs a very useful tool to bring. From experience we know that many questions might come up close to a trip like this. Do not hesitate in asking us what ever it might be.

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