Please read the booking terms and conditions outlined as they apply to the services provided by Charm of Africa in the planning, handling and operation of your trip. These terms and conditions are deemed to be accepted upon payment of the deposit.

The quoted amounts outlined in the package are in US dollars unless stated otherwise.
The quoted price takes into account the number of paying travellers. Please be aware that the price may change if the number of travellers changes. A new price quote will then be issued. Costs are based on the group travelling together.

Upon acceptance of the trip, a 50% deposit is payable. Many hotels, lodges and airlines in Tanzania require payment upon booking, therefore we need to arrange payment immediately to confirm your arrangements and guarantee your quoted price.
The remaining 50% are payable no later than 45 days prior to departure. If you book your trip in less than 45 days before departure, the total cost of the trip must be paid upon booking.
Charm of Africa cannot guarantee the agreed itinerary and price if payment is not made according to these

Trip cancellations must be in writing to
Charm of Africa prior to the trip commencement.  Your cancellation will be effected from the day Charm of Africa acknowledges receipt of your cancellation notice. The table below outlines the scale of charges for cancellations:
Period before departure % of tour charged
46 days or more,
10% will be charged
15 - 45 days, 30% will be charged
14 - 2 days, 80% will be charged
48 hours-departure, 100% will be charged

3.1.1.Upon trip commencement, no refunds will be provided including any unused portion of the trip
3.1.2.All cancellations and refunds will take a minimum of 6 weeks to be processed
3.1.3.If the reason for your cancellation is covered under the terms of your insurance policy, 
Charm of Africa will assist with any necessary documents so you may be able to claim these charges from your insurance company

Charm of Africa
In the event that 
Charm of Africa should have to cancel a trip, all deposits and instalments will be refunded.

Charm of Africa takes all reasonable steps and accepts reasonable responsibility for ensuring the trip is supplied as described in the daily planner issued prior to trip commencement.   If any unforeseen circumstances or conditions beyond  Charm of Africa control changes, Charm of Africa reserve the right to amend itineraries and substitute to the best available alternative. Charm of Africa acts only as agents for contractors providing accommodation, transportation or other services and all contracts issued by Charm of Africa are subject to the tariffs, terms and conditions under which services are provided. 
Charm of Africa shall not be deemed liable for death or injury to any person or loss or damage to any property arising from these services or any circumstances beyond Charm of Africa control and amounting to ‘force majeure’ including but not limited to war or threat of war, riot, epidemic, strikes, terrorist activity, natural or nuclear disaster and adverse weather conditions. 

Travel insurance is compulsory and is the individual responsibility of all travellers.
Charm of Africa strongly advice all travellers to take out an travel insurance policy and make sure it covers the itinerary presented.

All travellers are responsible for ensuring the participant(s) have the appropriate travel documentation including passports, Visas (acquired upon arrival) and any insurance documentation. Passports must be valid for 6 months after departure date from Tanzania. All travellers agree to provide
Charm of Africa with their full name as written in their passport. If this information is not provided or the information is incorrect, the travellers are responsible for all air- & ferry ticket change fees.

Damages or losses incurred by a traveller will be the sole responsibility of the individual member and/or the group.  No refunds will be made and no expenses will be incurred by 
Charm of Africa should a participant’s involvement be changed or cancelled as the result of misconduct. 

As a tour participant or guardian of a tour participant, it is your responsibility to:
8.1.Ensure that all information you give to
Charm of Africa and have received from  Charm of Africa is accurate.
Charm of Africa of any changes to your booking immediately. This also includes changes to your international flight-schedule. If this for calls for changes (additional accommodation etc.) this cost will be added to the arranged price.
8.3.Ensure that your passport, travel insurance and all Visa requirements are met.
8.4.Ensure that you behave in a responsible and reasonable manner and adhere to local laws and regulations.

Should you wish to make a complaint in relation to a tour please do as followed:
Charm of Africa during your trip so action can be taken immediately.
9.2.If the problem(-s) cannot be resolved please submit a letter of complaint within 28 days of your return to
Charm of Africa via email.
Charm of Africa will thoroughly investigate any complaints and report back to the correspondent.
Please feel free to contact us if you would like clarification of any of our booking terms and conditions

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